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Angela Reed, King Science Center After -
School Program Director/Boys and Girls Club of Omaha

“The kids love Mrs. Budz and she is always professional. The Courteous Kids program is easy to work with and able to provide programming to fit our after-school program needs. I never have to worry about the quality of programming and she keeps the kids actively involved with practical and hands-on life skills whether it’s social manners, cooking or gardening!!”

Tessie M. Rachels, Troop 42724

I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for providing very important etiquette instruction to our Girl Scout troop! They thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and activities. I personally appreciate the work you do as I see etiquette being pushed to the way-side all to often. Your class provided a breath of fresh air!
Thank you again!

Cary Mouhiddin, Collective for Youth, Omaha, NE

Mary Beth Budz/Courteous Kids has been an integral part of the Collective for Youth programming since our inception in 2005. Mary Beth Budz has created multiple high quality programs with specific curriculums that fill the needs of our students in the areas of social skills, healthy eating and etiquette. Within these programs (Courteous Kids, Party 101, and the Gardening Program) she walks each student through the comprehensive experience of restaurant etiquette, party planning, food preparation and the fine art of conversation. For our middle school students, these skills are a vital part of instilling in them the confidence they need to navigate through today’s world as well as assuring them success later in life. Courteous Kids remains to be one of Collective for Youths most loved programs. Mary Beth is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional, even under the most stressful conditions, (classroom full of wound up middle school students).

Scott Hilger, Assistant Principal Boyd Elementary

“The Courteous Kids program was wonderful to work with scheduling after school activities for “extra specials” at Boyd Elementary. I was impressed at Mrs. Budz quality of lessons, reliability, and communication. Mrs. Budz provided activities that enriched our students etiquette including proper introductions, table manners, communication, and social skills. The program ended with a session on table setting and a meal to put learned lessons in to real practice!”

Nadeen Osman, 5th grader Summer Camp 2014

“Courteous Kids is a great program.... Everyday, I went, I learned something new. I learned about handshakes and greetings, telephone conversation manners and table manners too. I enjoyed going everyday and I volunteered for the next workshop to learn even more. Today, I still use that etiquette I learned. Thank you Mrs. Budz and Courteous Kids”Type your paragraph here.