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Teen Resume Building and Interview Etiquette (ages 15 – 19)
Your teen may be brilliant in the classroom, but maybe not so much with their people skills. This is the class to help prepare him or her for the social interactions of an interview and the workplace.

This class incorporates role playing so teens are prepared with what is expected during an interview process, whether it's for a job, college or an award of some kind. Students are schooled in proper etiquette for greetings, introductions, conversation, body language, social media uses, cell phone appropriateness and more. Students are given an actual application to complete which is critiqued for neatness and spelling. An interview scenario is enacted, recorded and constructively critiqued to prepare teens for their interview. Take home materials are handouts and a draft resume
​(if time allows).

Have a character building idea for your student body ? We love working with schools! It’s our specialty.  From dancing to dining to just plain good social skills training, we can find a program to work for your school.  Contact us for more information. 

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