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Grant Programs
Courteous Kids is proud to host various character-building and life-readiness grant programs generously supported by PayPal , Sherwood Foundation, Educational Service Units and more. We're ready to do more!

GIVE  (Get Involved. Value Everyone)
Funded by the Sherwood Foundation, since 2015 this grant provides the funding to develop a student-led , service-oriented program for three middle school after school programs. This student-directed program is facilitated by Courteous Kids/Life Launch  staff to help students achieve their service goals and help build self-esteem and develop a sense of community and what that involves.  Over the course of eight week sessions, students follow a curriculum which teaches what a community is, their role within a community, how to collaboratively choose a service project and then work collectively to assist that organization.  This program helps students learn how to achieve goals, create a better sense of self worth and gain a deeper understanding of their community.

Finesse for Life

A PayPal funded grant program designed to help teens prepare for the workforce by personal finance readiness, professional email and internet skills, resume building, interview skills and more.

 Kindness Counts Campaign 
A semester to year-long effort, in coordination with the school and staff, promoting the Golden Rule: that kindness starts from within each of us and builds outward. In the first semester, students are taught tools that teach the Golden Rule that relate to their personal and daily life. In the second semester, students and the school expands upon the Golden Rule sharing it within their community by designating a community effort that the students can contribute towards collaboratively. There are many components and variations possible with this program and can be easily customized for a school outcome. SEL rated.